SIETO ltd. Skopje was founded in the year 1992. The main purpose of the company is the production of special industrial electronics. The SIETO employees have a large experience in the design and development of: tyristor rectifiers, DC and AC regulation of electro motors, inverters, UPS', switch regulators, main correctors, electronic equipment for railway vehicles etc. 
As a company who cares for the preservation of the environment by the European and world standards, SIETO, in all of its products, is trying to mount components and technology that will enable minimal waist of energy, absence of environmental pollution as well as a possibility for recycling of the used parts. Also, a part of the SIETO production program is about the control of the quality and measuring of the air pollution. 
In context to our work for preservation of the natural resources, among the rest, the SIETO development team is trying to find new solutions and possibilities for alternative energy sources and power supply.

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