As a company that cares for the preservation of the environment, SIETO is trying to mount components and technology that allows minimal energy waste, absence of pollution and possibility for the recycling of the old parts in every of its products. Also, a part of the SIETO production program is about the control of the quality and measuring of the air pollution.

1. S - 8107 8 channelled gas switcher


S - 8107 is an 8 - channelled switcher used in the automated stations for measuring the air pollution. It has 8 input entries and 1 output exit. On the inputs, the necks of the glass bottles with a liquid reagent are attached. The vacuum pump is attached on the exit. The mounted electronics is successively turning on one bottle once per day, through which reagent passes the air that is measured. Quality EM valves whose inner part is made by pro-chrome make the switching. The mounted technology and the quality components allow safe, uninterruptible work of the equipment for 24 hours, 365 days per year