For the needs of Macedonian Railways, we have developed the following equipment that are mounted in the wagons and locomotives for more than 15 years.


1. SIREG 29/150- T Wagon voltage and current regulator for dynamo



SIREG 29/150-T is a voltage and current regulator for an DC generator from a wagon. The regulation of the output voltage is made with an impulse - wide modulation. The limit of the voltage of the users is by diode blocks whose switch is made by a tyristor, regulated by a so called electronic pump. The diode block and the tyristor are placed on an aluminium cooling body with a forced cooling. The regulation range of the voltage is of 18 - 35 V, and of the power of 40 - 180 A. The nominal output regulated values are 29.5V/150 A



2. SIREG 75 /16 - L Locomotive voltage regulator



SIREG 75 /16 - L is a voltage and current regulator for a DC generator for a locomotive. The voltage and current regulation is made by an impulse -wide modulation. The regulator is made for output voltages of 24, 48 and 75 V. For the battery protection against overcharging, there is a tyristor over voltage protection mounted in the regulator. It is mounted in the locomotives of the 642, 642/3, 712 and 734 series.



3. REG - AB 29/150 Wagon regulator for a tandem alternator



REG - AB 29/15 is an improved version of the GOSHA regulator for a tandem alternator 29,5 V / 150 A. In the SIETO version we have mounted precise setting of the voltage and current, and with that, a more simple use of the both regulators in parallel work is allowed. Also, the possibility of self-oscillation of the voltage comparators is reduced and the safety of the regulator is increased



4. REG - A 29/150 Voltage regulator for a mono alternator



REG - A 29/150 is an improved version of the GETZ regulator for an alternator 29,5 V/150A. In the SIETO version the regulator has a possibility for precise setting of the two edges for voltage and current, safer ignition of the tyristor over voltage protection as well as turning on of several types of power transformers for the measuring of the alternator current.



5. SIETO 01- 01 and SIETO 01- 02 Electronic cards for a HS regulator



SIETO 01- 01 i SIETO 01- 02 are electronic cards for a HS regulator. In the SIETO version they are developed as reserve cards for this type of wagon regulators with a modification in the part for voltage setting and the internal voltage stabiliser. It is possible on the cards to precisely set the voltage of the output voltage and current of the dynamo on a value of 29,5 and 150 A.



6. SIS-2A Current stabiliser for a Hassler speed meter


SIS-2A is a current stabiliser for a Hassler speed meter. It is developed as a replacement for the four-legged stabilisers - product of EI Nish. The SIETO version allows an independent setting of the voltage in range of 1 - 4 A. The small frame, the dual wired connection as well as the quality mounted electronics make this product safe for exploatation



7. EL 30 - 30 Electronic deep discharger for batteries



EL 30-30 is an electronic deep discharger for batteries, which is used in the battery regeneration process. The discharger is a completely electronic piece of equipment that allows deep emptying of the batteries during their cycling. During the discharging the batteries are emptying with a constant current that is set from 0 - 30 A. Since it has a settable under voltage protection, the equipment has a working autonomy and doesn't need supervision during the entire discharging. The discharger is developed as a mono block for discharging batteries with a voltage of 0 - 30 V and current of 0 - 30 A. If a need to use greater voltages and currents to discharge the batteries, it is possible that several of these products be connected in parallel or in series.


8. DC/AC inverter SI-KON 1.5



SI-KON 1.5 is a DC/AC inverte which turns the DC 24 V battery voltage into AC 220 V/50Hz . This charges the refridgerator in the car. The inverter accepts variations of the input voltage with range of 19 - 30 V. The Maximall power of the inverter is 1500 W which is enough since the compressor from the fridge pulls electricity with power of 1300 W at every turn-on.

The quality electronics and the good design make it safe from quakes and vibrations during the ride.



9. DC/AC inverter SI-KON 600





SI-KON 600 DC/AC inverter which turns the 24 V battery voltage in the car into AC 220 V/50 Hz. This voltage is used to power the 220 V electric light in the car. The inverter accepts variations of the input current ranging from 19 - 30 V. The Maximall power of the inverter is 600 W.

Along with the EL-BA electronic balast, it allows the light done by fluorescent light-bulbs be extremely effective with minimall waste of battery power



10. Electronic balast EL-BA 2.0







The balast provides quick startup of the light-bulbs, which modulates the gas in the light bulb with a 30-40 K Hz frequency current, which gives maximum illumination with minimal power usage. The balast's working voltage is 220 V +/-20%


11. LED lantern SIL-8







SIL - 8 is a piece of equipment used for traffic signalisastion in the railways. The light lanterns are made by high- frequency LED diodes with a total power of 5 W. The light flux of the LED lanterns is 4 times greater then the flux of the conventional lanterns, and the power loss is 2,5 times smaller. They are made in 4 colours: red, yellow, green and white. The lantern's working voltage is 12 V.


12. SMPS rectifier SI-REC 20






SI-REC 20 is an electronic SMPS ( Switch Mode Power Supply ) rectifier. It is used for charging of the equipment in the pay-toll passes. It is designed for input voltage of 145-265 V, and accepts both the frequencies used in the railway traffic - 50 Hz and 83,3 Hz.

The correctors are made for input voltages of 12, 18, 21 or 24 V i output of 5-25 A. The electronic is placed in an alluminium box which also serves as a cooler . In every rectifier there is a temperature regulated fan for additional forced cooling.


13. EP 12/16 Electronic ignition for a steam generator


EP 12/16 is an electronic ignition for a steam generator for a diesel locomotive which allows warming of the wagons. The electronic ignition completely replaces the existing equipment for forming of high voltage spark. The spark voltage that is formed with this ignition is 30 KV. The small frame and weight as well as the safe spark have proven to be very important components in the exploitation and maintenance of the locomotive.


14. SITERM - 80 Electronic thermostat for a diesel locomotive


SITERM - 80 is an electronic thermostat for a diesel locomotive. Developed for the needs of the Macedonian railways, it is produced for a temperature range of 70 to 100 C and allows precise control of the temperature of the medium on which is measuring is in progress.



15. SITERM 20/24 Electronic thermostat for a coupe of a wagon car


SITERM 20/24 is an electronic thermostat for a wagon car coupe. Developed as a measure instrument for the temperature in a coupe. The thermostat has an ability to be placed independently and the choice of four temperatures. The wanted temperature is given by a switch in the coupe


16. SIMIN - REL Electronic voltage controller for a wagon car


SIMIN - REL is an electronic under voltage controller for a wagon car. It has been developed as a single piece of equipment for the control of the minimal voltage for the light in the wagon. The setting of the voltage is precise in the range of 16 - 22 V.



17. SITIM 3 Time relay for a wagon car


SITIM 3 is a time relay for a wagon car that allows the light in the restroom to turn off automatically. The product is placed in the proper case with the button for turning on. The time between the turning off is set on 1 - 5 min.