Photovoltaic power plant Solar Park Kadino 2

The Solar Park Kadino 2 is the second photovoltaic power plant owned by SIETO ltd. The power plant’s installed power is 33,5 kW. There are a total of 134 solar panels, each with 250Wp, made by Yingli Solar. 94 of these panels have been mounted on a semi-fixed metal carrier with a possibility for manual seasonal alterations of the inclination angle while 40 of the panels have been installed on 10 trackers which point the panels toward the sun automatically. Both the trackers and the control electronics are a product of SIETO. Two inverters which transform the electricity from DC to AC have also been installed. They are STP 17000 TL, made by SMA from Germany. The estimated annual yield from the PV plant Solar Park Kadino 2 is cca 53 MWh.

After obtaining the the necessary permits, construction of the power plant commenced.

Digging begun on 05.02.2014

Digging and making framework for the fixed structure

Placing armature and fixation of the tracker carriers

Applying concrete

How it all looks

Placing the system control room container

Installation of the semi-fixed carriers

Tracker installation

A glimpse of the future power plant

Control room and panels for personal use

Control room inverters

Construction finished on 01.03.2014

Trackers final look

The PV plant Solar Park Kadino 2 officially begun transferring electricity to the main power distribution system on 09.06.2014